Spetsnaz of Russia is Visited to USA

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(http://www.ntv.ru/) Russian scouts of the airborne forces (spetsnaz of VDV) visited with a friendly visit US military base in Fort Carson of Colorado, for the first (after WWII) jointly training with US Green beret. Russian paratroopers were only slightly disappointed by the lack of hot soup for lunch. So the Russian Sergeant of the Guards was able to surprise the US friends, he became the winner of the informal competitions on shooting, using American assault rifle M-4. So, American friends can to understand the motto the Russian VDV and spetsnaz - "Who if not Us!?". Also, US Rangers will be able to better understand the Russian military traditions of the military engineer Dostoevsky, brave artillery officer Leo Tolstoy and infantry officer Kuprin! So, American friends can understand real sense and honour of responsibility of Russian soldiers, as a intellectual and spiritual creatures if they become the last limit of Russia against barbarism and degradation despite all public errors and nonsenses! Also, all this will help to more well and best to organize military co-operation and mutual understanding of soldiers during joint operations. We can remember quotation of Ernest Hemingway, which slightly being a witness of the first use of tactic of Russian spetsnaz: "Courage is grace under pressure."
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