Turkish Girls Performing a Dance from Ardahan

By: hsaucer


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Ten smiling girls in authentic clothes perform a folk dance from Ardahan (Turkey). The music is played with two instruments often found together, the davul (double-sided drum) and the zurna ("Turkish oboe"). This was in Arnhem (The Netherlands) during a multicultural festival called "Live for life", 2006.

The performing group is called "El Ele" (Hand in hand). See http://www.elele.nl (in Dutch).

I wish to thank El Ele for the information sent to me by email, which, after some searches on the web made it possible to write the above text. (Please let me know if anything is incorrect)

[N.B. This is just a small format video! - made with an SE K800i cell phone ] Seeing it in small size shows a sharper picture.

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