090619 Hot Debut- 4 Minute Hot Issue

By: MeowQU5PF


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firstly,,,,SHINee won!!!(i'm a shinee fan...) secondly, I chose to ignore the mediocracy that was 4 Minute's MCountdown debut. Thirdly, I officially LOVE them, especially GaYoon! Leader- JiHyun (the one in the yellow outfit and shorts,,,or the one doing the split in the end!) Main Vocals- GaYoon (the one with the ACDC shirt) The One I Dub the Most Charismatic- JiYoon (the one rocking it out in short hair and shades..I wanna see her face damnit!!!) Rapper- HyunAh(the one doing the intro) Magnae- SeoHyun (The one with the boombox backpack!) ...love them hate them say what you want about them....
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