Wavy Korean Hair Tutorial

By: StillNotDavid


Uploaded on January 14, 2010 by StillNotDavid Powered by YouTube

After a long time of experimenting, I finally found out how to mimic the wavy texture that many korean celebrities have. Although permed hair will look a lot better, this is a good alternate for those who do not want to have this hairstyle on an everyday basis. I originally wasn't going to release a tutorial on this but after numerous requests from viewers, I finally gave in. :P

And no, I was not wearing lipstick in this video.

*Tutorial style inspired by MichellePhan, the queen of beauty tutorials!

Products used :
Gatsby Loose Shuffle
Mastercuts Wax Stick
got2b Freezing Blast

Thank you and have fun experimenting! Just don't kill your hair.

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