Dancing Storm Trooper

By: kooltom123


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This video is beyond explamation

Unrilated PS3 poem

The PS3 Poem

The Playstation 3,
That belongs to me,
Is the greatest of all time,
I can't beleive it's mine!

This includes PSN,
Which is only for men,
Games like Call of Duty,
Let's kick some booty!

With updates every so often,
There is no stopping them,
It owns the Xbox 360,
I need a pee!(cuz of the excitement)

With a crontroller that is wireless,
What ever is coming next,
The experiance is unreal,
It is a big deal!

So get one now,
or a really big WOW!
Offer only availible with PS3,
And not Xbox 360!

By Linno22

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