Cobus - *Nsync - Pop (DRUMS COVER)

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Published 21 Dec 2008
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This is a drum cover (from the TRI-cam Series) o...

This is a drum cover (from the TRI-cam Series) of *Nsync's song, Pop. I edited this song so that it's 10% faster than the original album version.. makes things more interesting :)

This is technically not at all accurate, but that wasn't the intention of the 'cover'. This is not so much a drum cover as a my personal rendition of the song :) This is pretty much a rock/funk cover of a VERY "pop" song, which made things really interesting.. i have to say i'm quite pleased with the outcome.

*NSYNC - Pop from the 2001 release Celebrity is the copyrigthed property of its owner.
(This is a mix 10% faster than the original album version.)

(External) Drums by Cobus Potgieter

(with my last cover series, the Overhead Series, i got an insane amount of questions about my set-up.. so here's an in detail description of how i made these covers..)

Tama Superstar Custom; in the Blue Metallic Fade

Toms TOP: Remo Powerstroke 3, Clear.
Toms BOTTOM: stock heads.
Snare TOP: Remo Emperor, Coated.
Snare BOTTOM: stock head.
Bassdrum BATTER: Remo Powerstroke 4, Clear.

Paiste PST 5 UNIVERSAL setup:
14" Hats
16" Crash
20" Ride
Secondary Ride: Zildjian Planet Z (very muted, tightly screwed down)
Secondary Crash: Paiste 502 16" Crash


I miced each individual drum (snare top AND bottom were miced), plus two overheads, ran this through a mixer, got a decent mix and recorded with ONLY *ONE* stereo channel.. no multitrack recorder(s) :) I compressed the final mix to HELL.. to get a more aggressive sound, to make it sit better in with the original song (and hopefully overpower the original drums), detailed compression settings: 20:1 with a threshold of -20db and a compensation gain of 15db, with both seperate channels (LEFT and RIGHT, from the mixer) sent to a stereo sub-group, and the compression settings applied to THIS group, it gave a nice compact and aggressive result.. further mastering was needed to equalize the final mix and control peak levels and such.
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