Naan( Without Tandoor) Making Made Easier

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Naan is a traditional north indian bread which is made in coal fired clay kilns called tandoors.. i have bought some domestic electric / gas tandoors and have thrown them away .. here is one way you can make naans in your home using an ordinary saucepan / tava which will work satisfactorily . you dissolve some dry yeast in warm sugared water and use this to make a dough of maida, along with salt and a little cooking oil.. set this aside for about 2 hours to levitate..( it should become double it size, else you cannot get naans ) then take a small ball and roll out a roti from it.. take this roti and STICK it onto a very very hot aluminum saucepan /tava ( with some water ( as shown in the video ), wait for some time till the naan starts to cook due to the heat of the pan .. then invert the pan over the gas flame holding the pan in your hand and cook the naan .. after the naan is cooked take out from the pan, cool and
Note: Be sure that the naan is properly stuck to the pan.. else it would fall off onto the stove when you are cooking it. also stick the roti to the pan after lifting it off the heat and wait a few seconds so that the heat of the pan begins to cook the naan from the stuck side .. then invert over the flame ..IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE DOUGH BECOMES DOUBLE / MORE THAN DOUBLE ITS SIZE DUE TO ACTION OF THE YIEST ..ELSE JUST WAIT TILL THE YIEST can expedite the working of the yiest to some extent by using an electric bulb (take care to avoid electic shocks ) .... naan is preferably had with dry side dishes..
also you can make tandoori rotis the same way .. except you use ordinary wheat flour and salt for the dough .

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