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I met with Florence @flo_hipmunk from Hipmunk for coffee to talk. At first was a bit unsure about the service because I've been using Priceline since 2000 for great prices and now Yapta for price tracking so I didn't see where Hipmunk could fit into my public speaking life...until now!

Hipmunk totally saved my butt when I had to travel from San Francisco to Park City, Utah and then depart the same day to Los Angeles, CA to speak!

When you travel to multiple cities before returning to your departure city, it's known as "open jaw".

For $335 I was able to travel from San Francisco on a Thursday to Park City , UT, speak Friday morning then fly out that afternoon so I could speak in LA Saturday morning. It was friggin' awesome to plan out my flight using Hipmunk because I could see all the legs of my flight and choose them by departure time!

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