Castiel & Dean; Love Until We Bleed (heavy Slash) [18+]

By: anaapenas


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DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. All source material belongs to their respective owners; no profit is being made out of this video. **Please watch in HD** These last few weekends that I went to the dance clubs they were playing this song every single time. It's becoming pretty famous around here. So inevitably I got hooked on it. I did a quick search on yt and I saw many fanvids using this song so maybe you are tired to listening to it. I just hope you enjoy this vid though. ***Warning*** Heavy Cas/Dean imaginary sex scenes. This vid is not meant to offend anyone, or disrespect SPN, the characters or the actors, so please, don't post rude comments. Dean: Castiel! Dean: Bite me! Castiel: Anything you wish. Dean: That's my boy. Dean: Oh eat me! Castiel: Dean!
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