Chori Chori Solah Shingar Karungi, [Manoranjan] (1974), Asha Bhosle [R.D Burman].mp4

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Directed by : Shammi Kapoor Produced by : F.C Mehra Written by : Abrar Alvi Cinematography by : Dwarka Divecha Lyrics : Anand Bakshi Music Director : R.D Burman Soundtracks by Pancham : What was different and special about Pancham the composer? "I would say Pancham understood the various aspects of music making; he was a man who went mad with brass instruments, Trumpets and percussion. For his times, people did not understand what he was playing, what he was doing. His control over brass and obligatos, which he often used, was original and exceptional. More importantly, when he got inspired by Western music, which he was to a very great extent, he did not do a 'pick and drop' exercise. The imbibed elements were very nicely fused. In the end, it turned out to be some wonderful melodious music" - by Shammi Kapoor
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