Bachata Dance Videos from SalsaCrazy: Learn to Bachata Dance

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For more details, visit: *******www.BachataCrazy**** The SalsaCrazy team is at it again with an all new Ba...
For more details, visit: *******www.BachataCrazy**** The SalsaCrazy team is at it again with an all new Bachata Dancing instructional system that's fun, simple, and exciting. Learn how to dance Bachata with ease and style as your professional and friendly teachers guide you through an amazing Bachata Dance foundation. Learn all the fundamental Bachata dance steps with 3 comprehensive and step by step beginner bachata videos. 2 left feet? No problem. . . These Bachata videos will make even the extreme novice a bachata dance master after practicing and learning from SalsaCrazy. Learning how to dance bachata has never been easier! Bachata dance is believed to have been started originally by Dominican servants who would use any materials they could find around their homes for musical instruments. After a long, hard day at work, they would grab their guitars, along with anything that would make a noise like trashcans or fence posts and get together for parties. In some parts the word Bachata actually means trash, while in others it refers to a party. The guitar music is enhanced with reverb, flangers or echo effects and the singers are predominantly male. Bachata dance music usually includes more than one guitar, a bass guitar, bongo drums and percussion instruments. Originally Bachata dance was not accepted by upper class citizens and was only really seen being danced in brothels or by men in the army. Over time it has increased slowly in popularity and today the use of electric guitars has made it more interesting to the general public. Both the music and dances usually tell a tale of sadness and heartbreak, which is why it has been given other names such as "amargue" which means bitterness or bitter music. Today Bachata dance has become a main attraction for Salsa dance clubs worldwide. It is seen to be a very sensual, sexy dance that encapsulates its audience for an intense, emotional journey. Every man and woman in the room envies those who can perform Bachata dance moves. The good news is that anyone can practice the basics without needing a partner by their side, so the discomfort of the first attempt can be experienced in privacy.