Masjidil Haram Makkah Maghrib Salaat (Sheikh Maahir)

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Masjidil Haram Makkah maghrib Salaat Led by Sheikh Maahir Al-Mu'ayqaly 1st Dec 2007 (Surah Al-'Aala and Zalzalah)

Sheikh Maahir Bin Hamad Al-Mu'ayqali
Sheikh Maahir's mom and dad moved to Madinah of Nabi (SAW) and he was born there aswell. He memorized the whole quran in Madinah and he was taught in the class of many scholars who are respected worldwide in Madinah. He began his Sheikh career in the North of The Kingdom Of Saudia. He was taught extensivley in mathematics until he began teaching it aswell. At this point he stopped preaching and started working as a math teacher. He went back to Makkah to become a scholar and taught in the school of balaat. In Makkah he became a reknowed speaker and began preaching once again.After becoming loved by the people he was chosen to become an advisor to Prince Abdul-Majid in Makkah.The sheikh is married and has 4 children, 2 boys and two girls. He began to teach Quran in Makkah before he began teaching at King Abdullah Saood University. He was promised before ramadan the he would lead taraweeh prayers in Madinah for the year 1426 and 1427, so he did. After that he was moved to Makkah and began to lead taraweeh from the first day of 1428 Ramadan in Masjid Al- Haram with Sheikh Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais.

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