The Stone Child Short Film PT2

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After a painful divorce, Mathew, an 11-year-old Lakota Native-American boy, goes out to eat with his father...
After a painful divorce, Mathew, an 11-year-old Lakota Native-American boy, goes out to eat with his father, Ray, at an all-white restaurant in rural South Dakota when all hell breaks loose. Old wounds rupture, and Ray pushes Mathew further and further away, into the freedom of a new terrain -- the Badlands. Finally, desperate acts bring Mathew face to face with his own inner strengths, and with this discovery come the tools to build a kind of home only before glimpsed in dreams. The Stone Child" Feature Film is currently looking for investors. The story takes place in Salt Lake City and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and tells the story of an 11-year old Lakota boy struggling for identity as he is torn between the two worlds of his Mormon mother and Native-American father. The script was Shortlisted at the 2002 & 2004 Sundance Institute Feature Film Program and was awarded Quarter-Finalist at the Slamdance Script Competition and the Page International Screenwriting Awards. The Stone Child was also an Official Selection and was awarded Semi-Finalist at the 28th Annual IFP Market in New York City. The film will star Oscar-nominated actor Graham Greene whose credits include TransAmerica and Dances With Wolves, Eric Schweig Last of the Mohicans and Simon Baker Smoke Signals. Richard Halsey, Academy Award Winning editor of Rocky, will edit, and Hershel Yatovitz, lead guitarist for Chris Isaak will compose music. Chris Martini spent years researching and writing the script, which led him to Salt Lake City and Pine Ridge Reservation, where he formed a circle of allies both on and off the reservation, as well as sponsoring a Lakota child, Kestral Falcon Little. While at the IFP Market, Chris had an epiphany and quickly arranged a fundraiser in order to make a short based on the feature. The word spread through the Native community and Chris found art pouring in from Native artists all over the country, as well as Native musicians to perform. With the money raised, Chris set out for South Dakota where he shot the short version with a splinter crew, led by Larry Pourier, Skins, and shot by AFI alumni John Rotan Pearl Diver, on Super 16mm. The Stone Child short film was shot entirely with non-professional Native-American actors and was selected in 2007 and 2008 for a total of twenty-one US Film Festivals, was Nominated for Best Native-American Film at the 2008 Trail Dance Film Festival and won the Bronze Remi at the 2008 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival. The Stone Child Short Film is currently being distributed by Hastings Entertainment and is part of the permanent video collection at the Heard Museum in Arizona. www.triplemartiniproductions****