WAP4 Mighty Tamil Nadu Crawls Gudur for Employees

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WAP4 with 24 coach load of unbeatable 2621 Chennai New Delhi Tamil Nadu express slows down at Gudur for som...
WAP4 with 24 coach load of unbeatable 2621 Chennai New Delhi Tamil Nadu express slows down at Gudur for some employees to get down I suppose, since one can see them waving at the pilots. P4 was ED 22218. Jesus Christ this is the 24 coacher super fast mighty Tamil Nadu express. Please don't treat it like a local bus which slows down and you get down !!! But in this action, one can see the humbleness of this gracious unbeatable train. Some humans get immense pleasure when they knowingly trespass a cam, as if the cam is a magnet for them. This train is meticulously maintained with new rakes. Tamil Nadu Express is one of the 3 prestigious 24 coach super fast trains of Southern Railways which are all tight schedule running trains. Earlier days the Tamil Nadu and Kerala Expresses had non-stop runs of 410 km between New Delhi and Jhansi. Unfortunately all these trains have been forced to halt at more places due to political pressures. Yet these trains are given great operational priority over other express trains. The Tamil Nadu Express used to do the stretch between Nagpur and Vijayawada (664 km) with just one technical halt at Balharshah. The train has a 69 kmph average speed, and only 9 intermediate halts. Although this is a marked deterioration from a 73 kmph average speed, only five intermediate halts, and a 370+ km. average inter-halt distance in the 1970s, this has not told upon the status of the train. It still is the fastest non Rajdhani train in India with the longest inter-halt distance. Tamil Nadu express has no stops inside Tamilnadu except for the origin station !!! 2621 covers 2184 KM in 33 HRS with an average of 68 KM/HR and 10 halts. 2622 covers same distance in 32.40 HRS with an average of 69 KM/HR and 9 halts. 2621 departs MAS night 22:00 and arrives NDLS third day morning 07:00. 2622 departs NDLS night 22:30 and arrives MAS third day morning 07:10. 2622 has first halt at Agra for 3 minutes, Gwalior for 3 minutes, Jhansi for 12 minutes. Does Jhansi - Bhopal non stop where it halts for 10 minutes. Then Itarsi 3 minutes, Nagpur 15 minutes, Balharshah 10 minutes, Warangal 2 minutes, Vijayawada 10 minutes. Then non stop 431 km from Vijayawada to Chennai. 2621 has an additional halt at NZM for 2 minutes.