House of Chen - Mad World (Gary Jules) - WITH BASS

By: HouseOfQian


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"Mad World" House of Chen, originally by Gary Jules and Tears for Fears Written by Roland Orzabal Album: House of Chen's Noodle House Arranged by Glenn Abalayan House of Qian (Chen) ---------------------------------------------------------- -Calvin Chang-Harrison (lead vocals and bass) -Akira Sidwell (solo guitar) -Glenn Abalayan (keyboards) Music video shot by Glenn Abalayan Hey guys, this is our second studio music video, featuring the song "Mad World". We re-recorded the video, due to video and sound quality, so we finally got Akira to stay for practice and complete the song in all one take. This video has a good quality, better than the other one. Still used the same video form, two cameras on each side, using different angle shots instead of one. In this video, this time, Calvin sings, and plays bass, while Akira and Glenn do their respective roles. You'll notice that Akira is doing some winking and a lot of fun at the back, and it's funny, because we didn't even notice it. Anyways, enjoy the video! Check out our Facebook page:
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