The Difference Between Sunni and Shia

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"Sunnah, Shari'ah, Sectarianism and Ijtihad" by Abdal Hakim Murad
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In his second lecture to non-Muslim middle school and high school teachers, Murad moves on to the more outward manifestions of the Islamic tradition. He explains the sunnah as being the "backbone" of a Muslim's daily life and provides a brief and simple explanation of it's vital role in Islam. He then focuses the remainder of his time on the Islamic law, its various sources, and its history. And in closing, the speaker looks at a few case studies of the practice of ijtihad in the Muslim world. (Recorded at the Dar al Islam Teachers' Institute seminar).

Other topics discussed: dua (supplication), Salman Rushdie, medhabs (schools of thought), tabacco and smoking, AIDS, abortion, contraception, and artificial insemination.

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