God Of War 2 - Glitch Package (Part 6) [18+]

By: findlestick


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More glitches Ive come across on my glitch run. (Plus others)

Points of interest:
1. Early door opening at the start of the game. (From FAQ)

2. Surviving and huddled soldier in the corner. (From FAQ)

3. Foot glitches: (a) Kratos Freezing after lifting an invisible foot near the arena. (b) Kratos getting crushed by invisible foot near the arena. (c) If you do the foot breakout glitch on the left hand side, Colossus gets displaced very far away from the arena. (As opposed to him being displaced and being closer, like when you breakout on the right hand side). (d) Kratos being transported to the arena after doing foot breakout. (Not too unusual).

4. Swimming with ridiculously displaced Colossus.

5. Kratos gets caught perving while exploring the outside of the sex room!

6. At the wall that shoots flames, apparently the fleece doesnt always "deflect back to those who deliver them".

7. An alternative skip at the flame shooting wall (not necessarily faster, but certainly less annoying!)

8. Getting underwater "runningness" at the puzzle after Euryale.

9. At the puzzle after euryale: You can jump directly to the second grapple/pillar with 1 simple double jump. I do enjoy a simple glitch/game tester oversight!

10. If "Stone-Kratos" gets smashed while Kratos is doing some "activity" eg: PR, AQ and Hammer attack (like in this vid), Kratos "breaks out" from what he was doing and dies. (While mini-game might be interesting, but close to impossible to do). Trying to break-out from dying after Kratos' stone double gets smashed is very tricky to do.

11. Kratos commits suicide by smashing his own stone clone.

12. You can create more than 1 "Stone-Kratos". I only did 3 in this vid (technically you could fill the whole hall with them. I was genuinely hoping that If I created a bunch of stone-Kratos', I could break them all free when I was wobbling the joystick, and then control a "Kratos Army!" (How cool would that have been!?). But when you wobble out, only one stone-Kratos breaks out.
(This glitch is based on AKheon's idea, inspired by addaminsain's cool vid on cyclecancelling, check it out:

To learn to do stuff like this, go to:


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