Notpron Walkthrough Levels 6-10

By: eebil


Uploaded on June 06, 2007 by eebil Powered by YouTube

This is a step-by-step walkthrough for notpron, the hardest riddle available on the internet. This walkthrough covers levels 6 to 10. I shall be doing levels 11 and up on my next installment.

Everyone, I apologize for not uploading this for a long time, as I have been very busy lately. I hope you all don't mind. ;)

Some complain that the screenshots from the first video are kinda small. Well, now I finally learned how to autopan the recorder thingy, so now it's much bigger. ;D

Hope you like it. ^^

This is the website for notpron:

Level 1-5 Walkthrough:

The Javascript ASCII Converter I used in the video:


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