Megan Fox F*cking Bombs on SNL! - Jenny Slate Drops F Bomb! - Fame! - TBL Cancelled!

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new video is up! ***********/watch?v=Uh-SRGvRi1A *******buckhollywood****/megan-fox-bombs-f...
new video is up! ***********/watch?v=Uh-SRGvRi1A *******buckhollywood****/megan-fox-bombs-fame-bombs-tbl-bombs-i-got-a-girl-suspended/ BOMBS EDITION! Stay tuned for Shout Outs! Please rate/comment/fave/tweet! Please subscribe for more!! Comment Questions of the Day: 1. What did you think of the season premiere of SNL? 2. Why is Keenan Thompson still on the show? 3. Didn't you think Megan Fox was not so hot in real time? 4. Do you like a lady with a lot of tats? 5. What did you think of the movie Fame? 6. Did any of you see The Beautiful Life on CW? Why do people hate scripted shows about models? Bonus: Leave funny comments! Physical ones are best! I'll read some from here, some tweets and some on Buckhollywood****! Follow him on Twitter (he begged- he is sweet and angsty) *******twitter****/markindelicato Follow him too! (sweet and life affirming!) *******twitter****/buckhollywood In this episode of What the Buck, Buck talks about the season premiere of SNL (BOMB!), Fame the movie (BOMB) and the Beautiful Life on (the not new) CW (BOMB)! Stay tuned for a couple of shout outs! I show a gift, a pic and read a cute letter!