Alam Lohar - Saif-ul Malouk 2 (Audio) سیف الملوک: محمدعالم لوہار

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Alam Lohar - Saif ul Malook ( Audio)


About Singer:

Allam Lohar was born in the small village of Aach Goach outside Gujrat, Punjab, into a family of blacksmiths. He was gifted with a melodious voice and began singing as a child. Strongly attracted to music, he took little interest in his studies and dropped out of school to pursue a singing career, much to the dismay of his father, until Malik Shah, his spiritual guide, intervened on his behalf. Once he achieved the freedom to sing, Alam Lohar developed a new style of singing the Punjabi warm, an epic or folk tale. He is famous for his rendition of Waris Shahs Heer, which he has memorized in 36 styles and forms. He recorded his first album at the age of 13 and has outsold all other singers in Pakistan, with 5,000 albums to his credit.

Allam Lohar organized a full-fledged theatre with a complete orchestra. His troupe toured all of Punjab for religious and seasonal festivals. He also travelled several times to the United Kingdom at his own expense to perform for Pakistanis living overseas, who were delighted by his colourful clothes and thrilling voice, traditional chimta in hand.

Alam Lohar died in an car accident near Sham ki bhaitiyan on July 3, 1979. He was laid to rest near G.T road in Lala Musa District Gujrat, Punjab.
Info below copied with gratitude from "KhamoshTamashai" channel
The Poet: Mian Muhammad Bakhsh میاں محمّد بخش was born in village Khari Sharif کھڑی شریف near the town of Mirpur میر پور (currently in Azad Kashmir آزاد کشمیر ), not far from the northern boundary of Pakistani Punjab, and about 100 kilometers Southeast of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. His ancestors had immigrated to Mirpur from Gujrat District. His father, Mian Shamsuddin میاں شمس الدین , was the deputy / successor خلیفہ of Khwajah Din Muhammad خواجہ دین محمد , who was the successor of Pir-e Shah Ghazi پیرے شاہ غازی , a highly respected Sufi Saint of that region, who is buried in Khari Sharif. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was born in 1830. He acquired his initial education at home. Then he studied Hadith from the local Madressah of Hafiz Muhammad Ali. He was well educated in Farsi and Arabi. From an early age, he showed keen interest in poetry. He was especially fond of Yusuf Zuleikha یوسف زلیخا of Abdur Rehman Jami عبدالرحمان جامی . He was about 15 years old when his father passed away, who nominated him to be his spiritual successor. He himself pledged allegiance to a sufi named Ghulam Muhammad. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh wrote many books. The most popular of his books is Saif-ul Malook, which he completed at the age of 33. He spent his life preaching, teaching, and educating people. He never got married. He lived in Khari Sharif where he passed away in 1907. He is buried close to the grave of Pir-e Shah Ghazi.

His best known work is Saif-ul Maluk. Saif-ul Maluk سیف الملوک is a fictional story of a prince named Saif-ul Maluk سیف الملوک (name means the sword of kings) who falls in love with a beauty named Badi-ul Jamal بدیع الجمال (name means strange/unique in beauty), whom the prince had never met face to face. She is, I believe, a princess or a fairy, and is imprisoned on a Caucasus (Koh-e Qaaf) -like mountain. The story has all the trials and tribulations which befall the lovers, especially who are far apart like Saif-ul Maluk and Badi-ul Jamal. There are lessons in morality and sufi themes all along. The book is written as a Mathnawi, a long poem with every 2 lines rhyming together.

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