Pegadinha Do João Kleber - Bandido "Perigoso"

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Pegadinha do Joao Kleber - Marquinhos: Pedestre fica desesperado quando ve o que tem no saco!

ENGLISH: This prank is about a fake assassin that make a phone call and transport two heads in the bags... He solict that the people assure the bags while he make a call and accuses the people of accomplice but the police is come on! (sorry my bad english)

Historia das Pegadinhas da RedeTV:

Brazilian prank TV show.
Candid Camera.

Assassins, Broma, Hidden Camera, Candid, Fake, Funny, Heads, Joao, Kleber, Marquinhos, Pegadinha, Phones, Police, Pranks, Redetv, Comedy
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