Steve Cho's Muay Thai Training Highlights [18+]

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Who: Yours Truly, Steve Cho What: Muay Thai Training Where: Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand When: November, 2011 - mid January, 2012 Why: My start-up in China had just imploded, and since I was going to go back home as a failure, I figured I might as well have fun before I go. Plane ticket from China was about $300 (compared to $1500 from US), so it was a no-brainer. I first went there during summer of 2008 upon graduating high school, when I just dipped out without telling my parents. I found that Thailand was my refuge to achieve clarity and focus. By immersing myself in this environment, where all I did was train and get my ass kicked, it helps me to achieve a peace of mind. During my stay in Thailand from Nov '11 - Jan '12, I fought 3 times, meaning I had a fight every 3 weeks. I lost my first 2 and won my last one. Here's the video of my very first fight in 2008: Here's my first time fighting in three years on Nov 25, 2011: Here's my 4th fight on January 9, 2012: Enjoy the video. It's mainly for myself to motivate me to get off my ass and DO something. Song credits: Tablo & Pe2ny - White (Instrumental) Obie Trice ft. Eminem, 50 Cent, & Lloyd Banks - We All Die Someday Corcovado - Jazz piano (trio)
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