MOM's Forbidden LUST Seduces Crying SON (Warning: Tits - Age Restricted)

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...and gets caught in the act by the murderously jealous husband/father!!!

Age restricted by Youtube because you can see the mother's soft, wonderful breasts in this clip...for a fraction of a second...

This is a classic vintage incest clip from a Swedish, somewhat comedic mainstream movie. Gösta Ekman plays the son, Birgitta Andersson plays the mature and yearning mother and international star Max von Sydow plays the husband/father. Steamingly hot with sex, lust and murder...

Softening of the Egg (1975). Written (novel and screenplay) and directed by Hans Alfredsson. Also known as:

- Ägget är löst! En hårdkokt saga (Sweden)
- Ægget er skørt! (Denmark)
- Egg! Egg! A Hardboiled Story (International)

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Edit (june 15th, 2013), inforrmation about the song:

"Vi ska vandra tillsammans till vårt Samarkand"

Performed by:
"Yngve Forssells Orkester" - In Sweden a so called dansband:

Soundtrack only released on LP:

No youtube hits for the song, but three other songs by the orchestra:

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