Rollin' Rocks Part 2

By: StormtheBeachDallas


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Jason Ward explores one of his favorite boyhood pass-times of Appalachian Kentucky.

Rollin' Rocks takes you to Paintsville, KY where Jason introduces you to the art and sport of rollin' rocks.
A few of the men from Jason's family share their stories about rollin' rocks in years past, and the vivid memories of destruction and imminent danger they all experienced.

In this hilarious, play-by-play Appalachian adventure, you'll go up "in the hills" to see what rollin' rocks is all about. Obviously an absurd way to pass time, all of the men in the family must admit that the thrill of the sound of a big rock smashing everything in its path was always too irresistible. The sweat, dirt and physical exhaustion they all felt at the end of the day was always worth it.

Part 2 includes the search for capable rocks, and the finding of "the one."

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