Hey Ram - No Way Back (with SRK and Rani)

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This is a music video about the Indian movie "Hey Ram". With Kamal Hassan, Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukerji.

"Kein Zurück" is a very melancholic and beautiful song by Wolfsheim.
Below the English translation:

No Way Back

Do you still remember how it was like?
Wonderful childhood
the world is full of color and beauty
Until one day you realise
that not every goodbye
implies a reunion

Always forward, step by step
there is no way back
and what is now
can never be undone
Time escapes us
what's done is done
And what is now
will never happen again in the same way

There is no way back
There is no way back

A word too much, spoken in anger
a step too far you dared to go
and all is lost
Whatever is done now
what I said remains spoken
and what seemed like eternity
is already past


Oh, if I could just once
turn back the clocks
because so much of
what I know today
I'd prefer never having seen

There is no way back.
There is no way back.

Your life is just running in circles
full of time that is carelessly thrown away
you procrastinate your dreams endlessly
you intend to live someday
but when if not today?
Someday even a dream is too long ago


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