3D Hologram Meetings? Unbelievable Real Telepresence

By: DVEtelepresence


Uploaded on February 27, 2010 by DVEtelepresence Powered by YouTube

Check it out. http://www.DVEtelepresence.com The DVE Immersion Room creates what looks like a 3D hologram of people from across the country! Real-time HD in person communication of people walking around in your meeting room. Patented polymer reflector creates this stunning effect. This is far beyond so called "telepresence" systems that use simple flat panel TVs with cameras on top. This is way beyond videoconferencing webchat, ichat, videochat ...imagine being beamed into the middle of the room and talking with your friends, family or co-workers and you are actually on the other side of the globe. Must see. The room is here now and it has won the telepresence product of the year award. It also hides the camera behind the floating images so you have perfect eye level camera perspective for eye contact.

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