I Got My Blues Cap On

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Well, here it is Folks, forgotten words and all, LOL!!
My sincere thanks to Railroad Don (channel user RRDon)
once again for his fine gifted handcrafted cigarbox guitar,..I would not be here before you, without it!
.....this song is kickin' off my #2 CD ( if you missed #1, just
inquire within' this channel--I've plans for a #3, too=
LaurieLeeC and Friends!) My engineer and producer
Jimmi Accardi (of The Laughing Dogs group fame/Mole Hill Music Studios) will be
"producin'" some fine percussive accompanyment for the cigbox tunes, and I know it will be a fun CD.
Somewhere in between all this, Mr Gardette (hotfirecaster)
and I will be pulling off recordings as Francifornia as well!
(we hope) ,...it is good to plan BIG; any given time finds more on my plate than I can dare accomplish, I sure have fun trying, tho.
Another SWAK Bedside Studios Production,
thanks so much fer watchin'! ;-)
XXOS, Laurie ........I like to add the words, --making easier to catch those words I murder! LOL

I Got My Blues Cap On

I got my Blues Cap on
and my Blues Shoes too
I'm headin' out the door
and on my way to you

So dust the high hat off
and tape the box up tight
We're goin' ta have a Cube
and Cigar Box Guitar
Rumble at your house tonite


Millie in her wig hat
Curls upon her head
She's dancing with her man
Alligator Fred
So push the chairs up there
Up against the wall
And roll the oriental rug up
It's a barefoot Free For All

They're comin' out of the woodwork
Answerin' the call
Gin Punch in the bathtub
makin' out in the hall, yeah

It's a funny lookin' fiddle
But it sounds so right
Left right or in the middle
In the middle of the night

You the undisputed king of the
Corregated cube, it's true
Give me a beat boy, and
Make it one
Make it one
Make it one that's Blue...........

copyright all rights reserved
LaurieLeeC oct 15 2009

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