Vote For Ghagrah-1996-by ILA ARUN-Delhi Shaher Mein

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*******aftermathnews.wordpress****/2007/11/08/genesis-the-creation-of-the-saudi-crime-syndicate/ Genesis: ...
*******aftermathnews.wordpress****/2007/11/08/genesis-the-creation-of-the-saudi-crime-syndicate/ Genesis: The Creation of the Saudi Crime Syndicate November 8, 2007 · 2 Comments Conspiracy Archive Oct 6th, 2007 by Paul & Phillip D. Collins When it was discovered that money from Saudi Princess Haifa bint Faisal had found its way, into the hands of Al Qaeda operative and advance man for the 9/11 hijackers Omar al-Bayoumi, the Saudi Princess put forward one of the worst alibis ever concocted. Princess Haifa claimed that she was giving the money to a woman named Majeda Ibrahin Dweikat so she could treat her thyroid condition (The Saudi Money Trail, no pagination). The good Princess claimed she had no idea that Majeda and her husband, Omar Basnan, were passing the money to Omar al-Bayoumi (no pagination). The problem is that Majedas husband, Osama Basnan, was known to be a vocal Al-Qaeda sympathizer (no pagination). According to a law enforcement official, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Basnan celebrated the heroes of September 11″ and referred to September 11 as a wonderful, glorious day (no pagination). Basnan is also known to have met with a high Saudi prince who has responsibilities for intelligence matters and is known to bring suitcases full of cash into the United States (no pagination). Princess Haifa also connected to Omar al-Bayoumi through her husband, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. Omar al-Bayoumi had worked for Dallah Avco, the aviation services company owned by Prince Bandars father, Prince Sultan (no pagination). All of this seemed to suggest that more connected Princess Haifa to Omar al-Bayoumi than just unintended charity. However, the 9/11 Commission accepted Princess Faisals alibi at face value. Why did the Commission give thumbs-up to such a flimsy explanation? The Commission never intended to find the truth behind 9/11. Its job was to cover up the fact that the United States government and the American aristocracy were intimately tied to the amalgam of terrorist financiers and criminals collectively referred to as the Saudi elite or Saudi Royals. This alliance goes back to the birth of the modern state of Saudi Arabia. This genesis story doesnt begin with a charismatic Arab leader, but with a member of British intelligence: St. John Philby, known also as Jack Philby..