KingdoM HeartS 3 and Birth By Sleep 358/2 Days Coded

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PLEASE READ THE FUCKING DESCRIPTION!! Birth By Sleep - P S P 358/2 - N I N T E N D O D S Coded - C E L ...
PLEASE READ THE FUCKING DESCRIPTION!! Birth By Sleep - P S P 358/2 - N I N T E N D O D S Coded - C E L L P H O N E KH3 - Playstation 3 ?? SONG : Passion - Orchestra Instrumental Version --------------MORE INFO------------- French Magazine, Role Playing Game No.7 ------------BIRTH BY SLEEP------------ (PSP) **************Realisation************* "Birth by Sleep, co-realised by Tai Yasue, is developed by the same team that was in charge of Re: Chain of Memories; although its production had begun first, it will be the last of the three new projects to be released. Technically, the name Birth by Sleep is therefore a bluff, and the graphics should appear as beautiful and animated as well as Kingdom Hearts II! Aspects dedicated to the PSP will include new Disney worlds, such as those of Sleeping Beauty, Snow-White and Cinderella (the remaining Princesses of Heart it seems), as well as surprising training courses... Birth by Sleep being held a few years before the first adventures of Sora, certain worlds will take this into account; for example, one can expect to see an adolescent Hercules in Olympus Coliseum." ***************Gameplay**************** "Following the example scenario, the gameplay will differ according to the character: Terra will impress us with his power; Ven will be the most agile, while Aqua undoubtedly proves the specialist of forces/magic. The combat menu conceals a new gauge, Command, which fills up by attacking and is executed by pressing Circle or Triangle (the actions associated with this button are modifiable) and gives access to additional techniques; for example, Terra will be able to enter into Fatal Mode to carry out combos and then finish with devastating move. Another change, the MP disappears; certain magic will require a time of loading and can be launched only when their gauge is full. The progression system (which is still quite mysterious) and some of the enemies will also be new..." -------------358/2 DAYS-------------- (Nintendo DS) **************Realisation************ "Conceived by the studio h.a.n.d. Inc. (Chocobo Tales) and co-directed by Tomohiro Hasegawa (Final Fantasy VIII, Kingdom Hearts), Nomura obviously heading all the projects related to its series, 358/2 Days profits from a fine and detailed realisation all in 3D, with fluid animation. As for the cut-scenes, they do not diminish in comparison with those of the second episode. Definitely, the DS will not finish astonishing us... The keys L and R will make it possible to direct the camera in order to better locate enemies and to explore the locations; the latter accurately take on the environments of the preceding worlds, such as the World That Never Was, Twilight Town, Agrabah, Olympus Coliseum or Wonderland - As a priority, the title will not accomodate a new universe." ***************Gameplay**************** "As a great innovation, the DS will comprise a multiplayer mode where one can direct the members of Organisation XIII! These missions with the varied objectives will be independent of the scenario, and each character will possess their own forces and weaknesses. The lower screen will post the chart, but a chat system may also be included; on the other hand, the tactile functionalities of the console do not appear to be exploited. In solo mode, Roxas will have as a daily task to fight the Heartless in various worlds and then to return to the World That Never Was. The combat menu and the actions are the same as the previous games, like jumping and gliding, blocking, etc... Lastly, Nomura promises that the systems of level-up and personalisation will allow great freedom." ****************Scenario*************** "Imagined by Daisuke Watanabe, like that of PSP games, the history of 358/2 Days reveals a year in the life of Roxas, his establishment in Organization XIII, his escape and his fateful duel against Riku. These events remained covered with mysteries or were only seen briefly; the fans waited impatiently for more on Roxas and his relations with his former colleagues. The plots of the charismatic members of Organization will therefore be presented in more detail. We will also discover what makes the Organization change the name of the group.The story will therefore show many revelations on some of the most important characters of the series." *********KINGDOM HEARTS: CODED******** (Mobile Phone) Am... Good game