Miracle of Allah

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Published 27 Jul 2010
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Miracles of Islam repeatedly shows us Allah (t), one of his characters on this earth, once with the animals...
Miracles of Islam repeatedly shows us Allah (t), one of his characters on this earth, once with the animals, or about nature, this time is the case of a man.
1) Mr. Abdul Metin Tasdemirli from Turkey living in Germany, has discovered through a dream that his veins are on his right hand formed the word ALLAH in Arabic. We say soubhana Allah. may Allah the Almighty guide us on his right path, and let us stand firm on the truth. more infos on this page http://www.ayatallah.co.nr/
Contact for Media : 

In germany : 01746726729 from all world : 00491746726729


To read, even in the German press:

Dagestan: Baby baffled doctors with wondrous Koranic verses on the skin

"The now nine months old infant Ali Yakubov from the Caucasian republic of Dagestan is currently cause for all sorts of speculation in Russia. Koranic verses appear sporadically and several messages on his back, abdomen, arms and legs, which disappear by and by.

Shortly after birth, showed the word "Allah" on his chin. Meanwhile, these phenomena are piling up - usually on Mondays and during the night from Thursday to Friday. According to the local prayer leader said one of the message: "Do not hide these signs before the people."

The parents who did not practice their Muslim faith, have returned with their son back to their religion. The doctors can not explain the origin of the verse, keep it at the time but ruled out that they were written by someone on the skin. "

Source: http://www.shortnews.de/start.cfm?id =...

Wiedermal a miracle of Allah. Why do not you take the Islam? Want more characters? Read the Koran! It is THE miracle.

please send it to all Brothers
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