Slayers Try Episode 3 (55) Part 1/3

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Part 2 ***********/watch?v=TlKzlHgamec Slayers Try (Season 3) About This Episode (Source: Sl...
Part 2 ***********/watch?v=TlKzlHgamec Slayers Try (Season 3) About This Episode (Source: Slayersfan****) Episode 55: Where'd That Arrogant Guy Go? Lina and the gang starts to put off on going to the Fire Dragon King temple, and decide to check out the current city they are in. Needless to say, Lina and Gourry are checking out the food; Zelgadis is wandering around looking at old temples for a possible cure, causing some ruckess with locals; and Amelia loves the view, so she decides to go up to the highest point of the city, drawing a crowd bellow her. After casting a few spells, Zelgadis is labelled as a demon (his looks and spells) and Amelia is labelled as an angel, when curing someone. Filia is upset at this, and tells them that this part of the word could only do simple spells. Suddenly Filia senses evil, and Lina swears she seen Xellos. Yes. It was him. Lina thinks this whole prophecy thing might be connected with the monster race. When finally heading out of the city, Lina and the gang are attacked by someone named Valgaav, someone who served under Gaav. He starts to pick a fight with them.