Castiel || "Sorry, I'm Not an Angel Anymore"

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*Watch in HD* _____________________ I've finally come back from the trip that I've done and I finished a new video! This video is focused on Castiel's character in S7 and his relationship with Dean. I'm still watching S7 and actually I don't like it very much, I mean, they've changed all the story and killed some of the main characters....=/ I felt so sorry for Castiel in the end of S6 and in the first two episodes of S7, he was just trying to find a way to save the angels from Raphael....he didn't want betray his friends..... I hope he'll return in the end of S7 and in S8, I really liked him.... p.s. sorry for the grammar mistake in the voiceover "Destiny can't be change Dean", I've forgotten to remove the question mark.... Follow me on facebook: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!
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