ONGOING DISASTER Radiation Fukushima Plutonium Report 30.07.2012 [18+]

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r3VOLt23 30.07.2012 Gundersen: A ton of plutonium was in each Fukushima reactor..PLUTONIUM!?! Original upload by: pinksapphiret Radiation Fukushima Report, July 30, 2012... 


 Arnold Gundersen, Nuclear Engineer: Unit 3 had 30 bundles of MOX fuel... All the reactors have plutonium in them... Uranium-238 becomes plutonium-239 when it absorbs a neutron... There was close to a ton of plutonium in each of the reactors... scattered throughout the fuel... A ton of plutonium in each reactor... you and I know how dangerous plutonium can be... makes the cleanup that much more difficult. in which she discusses internal emitters. Dr. Caldicott and Gundersen later discuss the new Japanese government report, The Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission Report . As background, watch or read the transcript of As Japan Says Fukushima Daiichi Disaster "Man-Made" & "Preventable," Fears Grow for Nuclear Plants Worldwide , Gundersen's appearance on Democracy Now earlier this month. Read the articles Fukushima Still Dangerous, Unstable 500 Days Later Japan Workers 'Told to Lie About Radiation' , Fukushima Report Blasts TEPCO's On-Going Failures: "I now understand what people are worried the most about is the vulnerability of the No 4 spent fuel pool" and US Infrastructure in Disarray Due to Extreme Weather, Climate Change which mentions how nuclear power plants are overheating more often.

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