A Sad (True) Story

By: ItsMehRachel


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This is a story that happened to me a very very long time ago. I am now happy and with the love of my life that has never hurt me in any way emotionally and physically.
I would like to say to all the boys and girls out there that are hurt. Please dont hurt yourself... i honestly thought i wouldnt be able to find the love of my life and there was no point living anymore but when things came to worst and i pulled through... the love of my life stepped in and helped me be happy again. I cant believe i almost ended my life not knowing that this was waiting for me in the future..

Boys and girls. I know you may be thinking at the moment without your ex's or something hurting you in a relationship at the moment is the only one you can get in life and you cant take it anymore and just want to end it. Please dont.

Good things come to those people who wait.

Thankyou so much for all the comments and support people have given me. Im so glad you guys have been touched and i just want to say thankyou with much appreciation. :).

Have a good day. x Love you

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