ORIGINAL Deadlift Passout Video 329

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Before stitches: *******i12.photobucket****/albums/a218/isaacore/17956_508786738182_304100475_276609_21496...
Before stitches: *******i12.photobucket****/albums/a218/isaacore/17956_508786738182_304100475_276609_2149633_n.jpg *******i12.photobucket****/albums/a218/isaacore/17956_508786743172_304100475_276610_2802550_n.jpg After: *******i12.photobucket****/albums/a218/isaacore/17956_508786937782_304100475_276613_1176276_n.jpg I started strength training a month before this video was taken. When I started, I was able to deadlift 245 before my grip gave out. I know my form breaks and I lift partially with my rounded back which I'm sure sends me straight to hell. Passing out had nothing to do with form and everything to do with getting stoked to a previously unimaginable level. You should get over yourself and try it sometime.