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Guerilla Improv Jakarta.
April 26th 2008.
It's our first official mission.
Inspired by Mission:Singapore's Calling Aliens.

It's 1000% accomplished, we didn't say something, but a stranger provoke the others that there's someone up the building will do a suicide jump.

After our agents leave the scene, the crowd remains there and keep looking up the building. Some people asked each other what's going on, some of them thought that THERE IS suicide jumper up there, some said there's a ghost appereance, some said there's a kind of reality show like Fear Factor being shoot up there.

In the end of the video, you can hear a discussion between me and a woman:
Me: "What happened, ma'am?
W: "They said you just have look up there, 'that thing' will appears" (we know that 'they' refers to stranger, our agents didn't say anything besides "It's up there!")
Me: "Which tower, ma'am? Did they said it will appears again?"
W (enthusiastically): "Yes, they said just look up there, you can see a kind of form up there"

*sorry for the Cloverfield-style video. We use video mode from pocket camera.

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