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Take a risk; Take a chance; Make a CHANGE and just breakaway! I'm trying to edit with different stuff but most likely I'm going to stick to kh because it's just way to addicting to edit with. I'm so sorry for the lack of videos I've had so many story ideas and all but I don't have the right songs to go with them ,yet, Or how EXACTLY to lay them out. Hopefully thought, I will get them all done and worked on soon! BTW this is one of my favorite "old" songs because it's so inspirational. It just kinda taught me to keep my head up and just think of myself and not care what others think. Thanks to the new subscribers!! Love , Tiffany! Song- In video Disney movies- Aladin, The little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Mulan, Lion King, Peter Pan, Tarzan, and Pocohantos (or however you spell it 0.O)
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