HOW TO: Update PSP Firmware to 5.00m33

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Go to:
This is the place to download the M33 patch for the 5.00 firmware.
Then Go To:
This link will bring you to the official 5.00 update.

Once you got those files on your desktop, extract the M33 patch and you will get to folders, TRANSLATE and UPDATE. Go into the Update folder. OK, now go to the downloaded 5.00 official firmware and rename it from EBOOT.pbp to 500.pbp. Put the 500.pbp into the Update folder of the M33 patch. Now drag the whole UPDATE folder into your PSP (which contains an EBOOT.pbp and a 500.pbp) in the GAME folder. Now go to your PSP and click on the update under game. It should be black in color with 5.00m33. Click on it and then it should boot up. When prompted click on X to start the update. Then follow the SCE updater's steps.

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