(Bleach AMV) - Ichigo's Hell

By: Huntorkrunk


Uploaded on March 16, 2010 by Huntorkrunk Powered by YouTube

This is my second AMV ever made! However it was made RIGHT after the first so you could call this (first AMV part 2), lol.

Once i had all the clips i needed (took 3 days to find), it took me 4 hours to make this. This is somewhat of a remake of my first one because my first one didn't seem to have enough action.

Anime: Bleach
Song: Hell By: Disturbed

Frequently asked questioned:

Q. Before i watch this, does this AMV have a lot of action?
A. Yes. Yes it does :)

Q. Are there moments that will give me goosebumps?
A. For me and the people i have shown it to, yes. Especially the beginning.

Q. Dear Lord! That was a really awesome anime! Was that really your second?
A. Yup

Q. Jesus Christ!
A. You can call me Jack ;)

I am new to making AMVs so if you have any suggestions or ways i can make it better than feel free to tell me.
Thanks for watching my AMV! I hope you like it ;)

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