All The Runescape Skill Capes! (EXCEPT SUMMONING)

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Guys , I'm really sorry I had to audio swap both my songs for this one , but youtube was gay and took down my video because it claimed I copyrighted "I hope you die".Which was horrible because their audio library is SHIT.So again guys , really sorry for the shitty song...but it was youtube..

Right well first of all people are commenting about this video being fake because of how I'm holding the 2h in certain scenes.That was the OLD way ALL 2h's used to be held before the god wars update.And how does that make it fake? The emotes are there , nothing fake about it , so save yourselves some embarrasment and do some research on old runescape before writing stupid comments.

Another thing , people who keep complaining that I didn't record the summoning cape just get over it , I made this video before summoning came out and I'm not about to remove a whole video for one bloody emote.If you want to see the summoning emote that badly check out my good friend's video Oscar 797's -

Last thing , ANYONE that posts ANYTHING related to a riot or having to do with bringing back wildy and unlimited trade is getting blocked and his comment removed , so don't even bother.

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This Video that took me a month to make because I had to find many DIFFERENT people to do the emotes for me.If anyone has any questions just send me an e-mail here on youtube or pm in runescape if im online..Here is a list of all of those that greatly helped me =).

Zuhzuh - Attack,Defense and Hitpoints
Grezegorzk1 - Mining
Lodve - Prayer
Player N - Agility
Traxium - Thieving
Acherhar - Hunter
The Maltese0 - Woodcutting
Chris0527 - Cooking
Fremus7 - Crafting
Link4892 - Magic
Vigard0 - Range
Top King11 - Smithing
Junpai - Herblore
Zarfot - Runecrafting
Paul242121 - Slayer
Chew Baccaa - Farming
Bradynovak - Construction

Special thanks to:
Genrl - Fishing
Clive Maurin
Terror Nisse - Strenght
Mouseman jr
Metal babe 2

Thanks alot guys =D

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