Ice Cream Paint Job - D.Rec.or.d (Ice Cream Paint Job Remix - Dorrough, Lil Wayne, Tyga Freestyle)

By: FlyGuyDrec


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[Ice cream] dripping swagg in the [freezer]
Im [so cold] ill make you [shake] like a [seizure]
Im [bigger than the game to get a [grip] I need [tweezers]
Im [sharper] than the [sword] that killed Julius Caesar

Bow down to greatness Im working hard to make it
Im [building up my mother] ship and leaving in a [spaceship]
Talk [behind my back] ill [turn around] and make you [face it]
Tied you up and leave your body in the basement

Im in you girls [mouth] playing with her [Tongue Ring]
D.Record bring the [heat] I hope you brought [extra sun screen]
I [throw money] damn it must be [thundering]
Like [Alice] yeah I got them [wondering] whats next..

One check can buy 4 jet
The heater give you [fresh hole] like [fish nets]
Whats the [business] [tied down and suit up]
Just in case a niggas want to [trip] I [tie my boots up]

I keep going like [robots] Im the [future]
Im [higher] than the [great wall] of china need a [boost up]
Joose in my left and a blunt keeps me right
Eyes are [lower] than the [sun at night]

Arm n hammer up nigga Im a Knight
[Auto Pilot] on she want to join me on the [flight]
Well [come aboard] Im D.Record
Im all [in the game] like [Jumanji Boards]

Bitch [Im hot] you know [heat rises]
Like [eyelids] with [surprises]
I [line them up] and you [better cross it
I [eat beef] You bring [salad Im a toss]

I lost it yeah Its easy to remember me.
Im in the [middle] like the [line of the symmetry]
I run it I got a lot of [legs] [centipede]
Im [a wreck] no [insurance Century]

I push it hard I [push] the game like a [cart]
Damn I been [stinking] smell my [shit] and eat my [fart ]
Put me [in your mouth] like a [sweet tart]
School aint [taught me nothing] all I know is [street smarts]

I was [hand picked] cause Im the [cream of the crop]
[Harness] on my waist and Im [climbing to the top]
All I see is [green] why would I [stop]
[Rabit foot] for some luck I am [hip hop]

[Running] like [snot] And [sicker] than the [swine]
Open up my [brain] cause Im [sicker in the mind]
I got [bars] its a [crime] Im a [do time]
I [kick flip the game] and yeah I [still do grind]

Linda said do you and we gon be good
My Fam [on my back] and [leaving out the hood]
Im a [rookie] but Im still [knocking out pro]
Im [stretching out] the game as [far as this goes]

And If you didnt know I make her [drip like a tear]
I make her [lean over] like a [12 pack of beer]
Just to make it clear I [kill] like a [felon]
She down to do it all [eat] the whole [melon]

[Marinate my meat] it keep her [body soaking
[Wetter] than the [bay] I got a girl down in [Oakland]
Stay [smoking] say [coking] reminds her of [the dick]
Shes[ desperate for some time] so she grabbing for my [Twix]

Im [thankful] that you [giving] Let me [poke the stuffing]
I [poker face poker face poker face] [no bluffing]
Its nothing most yall niggas just [sea bound]
[Underwater] and yeah Its getting [hard to see now]

You [cant see me] like I threw [sand in your face]
Im [At your door] like the [cops] then [Ran in your place]
[Lost and never be found] Ill add you to the [list]
I make it [rain] and  you make it [mist]

Body in the [lake] pull you up while he [fishing]
[Dunk you underwater] [baptized] keep it [Christian]
Im the [key on the court] Im [balling]
Im a [black hole] Ill [suck you all in]

Im a go [longer] than the [Nile] on this track
Ill [Hang you on my wall] and put a [nail in your back]
[Australian back] Im The [Crocodile Hunter]
Im [hotter like a sun dried raisin in the summer]

I Put a [show on] I make her [bow down]
I [wax] her ass till it [squeaks] like a [clown sound]
She [louder] than a [crowd] and Im [higher] than the [stands]
Cause you know [heat rises] so I need my [fans]

To help [cool me down] am I [hot] ? they yell [hell yeah]
I got [bread] thats hella [old] but it aint [stale yet]
[Killer whale] shit I [kill your gale] quick
I put her [goodies] in a [box] like I [mailed it]

The Beat about to end but I can go for days
But Im a [wrap it up] before I [catch aids]
I make a nigga jerk and girls lose there thongs
If you said I was whack I bet this proved you wrong

Im the [shit] Like Im [under ass]
Ill [put you in the ground] and have you [pushing up the grass]

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