Fawlty Towers - Talkative Moose

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(One of my favorite scenes from Fawlty Towers)

Basil begins to put up a moose's head, as instructed by Sybil. She rings to remind him of the task while he is trying to put it up, and he angrily tells her that he had been in the process of doing it. The moose head is then left on the front desk. While cleaning under the desk Manuel practices his English, and the bewildered Major hears him and thinks that it is the moose talking...hahaha

From Season 1, Episode 6 titled "The Germans"

"The Germans" is the sixth episode of the BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers. It is remembered for its line "Don't mention the war" and Cleese's "funny walk" when he is impersonating Adolf Hitler.

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