Ruko's Tae Kwon Leap

By: NoratheAngelSeedrian


Uploaded on June 17, 2010 by NoratheAngelSeedrian Powered by YouTube

This was a video made after Sonamyclub1's video, Lila's Tae Kwon Leap. I decided to use my characters!

Nora Kouba
Ruko Gaki
Hiroaki DaichMizu (I forgot to put him in the credits! O.O;)
Hasu Maiki
Project Life 0.1: Star
Aura the Artist Seedrian (New look)
Cloie the Riddler (New look)
Zen the Dark Hedgehog
And at the end, Kumiko Misou

Yeah, I did some voices too, and the credits were just for fun!
The lipsycning was off due to lagging in WMM...

Recoloring the Pictures took longer then I thought, and I didn't put alot of effort into them ether....
Yeah, I recolored, I can't help it... I'm a bad girl *evil smile*

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