My Best Friend's Girl - Diego Gomes ♥

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Diego Gomes's new song "My Best Friend's Girl" will be up on iTunes very soon! (September 21st, iTunes: The Next Star Season 3 Album!) Please support him by buying the song! =)
And please please PLEASE vote for him as The Next Star!
All credits go to Diego Gomes for his amazing talent and his AMAZING song! ♥

Official Facebook Page:

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Official Twitter Page:

Diego Gomes's YouTube Channel:

FallenNitro's YouTube Channel (Diego's Band!):

Made by Selena Fu. =)
A huge, obsessive fan of Diego Gomes! OMFG. ♥
I LOVE YOU. ♥ =)

Also check out my other account, SelenaxLucia for my sister and I's singing videos! We just started!

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