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Watch Full Length Comedy Tamil Movie Pistha with English Subtitles directed by K.S. Ravikumar starring Karthik, Nagma, Mouli, Manivannan, Jayasree, Sidhu, Radharavi, M.R.R. Vasu, Vikram & Mansoor Ali Khan. Synopsis: M. Dharmaraj (Mouli), a wealthy businessman, employs Manicandan (Karthik) as a Manager in his office, owing to his good and considerate nature. Dharmaraj's daughter Vennila (Nagma), a spoilt brat, objects to it. She acts haughty and hates her father as she is under the mistaken notion that her father is responsible for her sister's untimely death. In order to inherit her ancesteral wealth, she plots and marries Manicandan. After the marriage, she is shocked to learn that Manicandan is an ex-convict. What happens thereafter forms the rest of the story. Click http://www.rajshritamil.com/Listing/Movies/Free-Tamil-Movies-New-Classic-Blockbuster-Films to watch more full length blockbuster Tamil movies absolutely FREE!

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