Eckankar - Insights into Soul Travel and Astral Projection

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Had a spiritual wake-up call? Visit to respond to the call of Soul within your hear...
Had a spiritual wake-up call? Visit to respond to the call of Soul within your heart. Learn about past lives-, dreams- and Soul Travel- Experience it for yourself. Journey into your inner worlds and reap the benefits of the wisdom and spiritual truth in your heart. This inner journey reveals the all-caring nature of God's love. This love works wonders. Are you looking for the personal experience of God—every day? Eckankar can help you fulfill your dream. Your Spiritual Tool Kit: Each of us is connected to God through Divine Spirit (the ECK), which can be heard as Sound and seen as Light. Eckankar offers a spiritual tool kit to help you experience the Light and Sound of God- Discover: • simple daily spiritual exercises— that can give you the experience of the Sound behind all sounds, and the pure Light of God. Eckankar means "Co-worker with God." Explore your unique, natural relationship with the Divine. Personalized study is a part of Eckankar. Get your own divine guidance, then apply it in your everyday life and on your journey home to God. For additional info, books, videos, etc. on: Eckankar: Love Song to God - HU CD and MP3 link: Eckankar on Divine Love - Relationships book link: Eckankar - What Is It? Make God Your Reality Info link: Eckankar on Experience the Light and Sound of God video link: Eckankar on Soul Travel book link: Eckankar on Spiritual Dream Interpretation Info link: Eckankar on "You Are Soul" video link: Eckankar on Past Lives book link: Eckankar Advanced Spiritual Study - Recognizing Yourself as the Holy, Divine Light of God That You Are Info link: