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The 5-Minute Workout

Once we hit 20, the average American loses 5 pounds of muscle every decade. At the same time, we're gaining 10 pounds of fat.

That means we lose 15 pounds of muscle and replace it with 30 pounds of fat by the time we're 50.

The good news is — it's never too late to reverse this disturbing trend. The better news is that it doesn't take much time.

In a recent Growing Bolder segment, I asked Dr. Ellington Darden to create his shortest workout that can still achieve impressive muscle-building gains.

A while later, Dr. Darden invited me back to his private gym to try his routine. I made sure that I had my videographer along as Ellington instructed me through each exercise, repetition by repetition. From the first exercise, you'll see that it didn't take me long to feel my 56-year-old muscles contracting and stretching — with the necessary intensity — to become bigger and stronger.

Five minutes, two or three times a week, may be all you need to improve significantly your strength and fitness.

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