Fan Made Tomb Raider Preview (made in 2000)

By: bulenthasan


Uploaded on February 05, 2008 by bulenthasan Powered by YouTube

I made this as a fun project for myself, and had over 40000 hits in the first weekend it was online. The film had just started production so fans were eager for anything, and the response was awesome. So awesome that Paramount Pictures saw this and based their previews off THIS, but I had to take this off the web and also was hired as marketing consultant for the film. It was one of my first editing jobs I ever did, stealing footage from a juice ad from Europe, The Mummy, The Bone Collector, and music from the theme of "Batman Beyond", so with my media spanning 5 different corporate entities, its safe to say I violated many laws and restrictions making this. Since the film(s) are pretty much gone and done with, and TR being alive only in video games and animated features online, I thought it was safe enough to broadcast this on Youtube. Remember, this was made BEFORE streaming video like Youtube was readily available to everyone, and most people didn't have high speed internet, and movie previews online were just starting to get hot.

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