Girls Assaulted in Mangalore Pub by Sri Ram Sena and Bajrang Dal Activists

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The National Commission for Women (NCW) has reacted sharply to the shocking incident of assault on girls at...
The National Commission for Women (NCW) has reacted sharply to the shocking incident of assault on girls at Mangalore pub allegedly by Sri Ram Sena and Bajrang Dal activists. A TV grab shows a girl being assaulted at a Mangalore pub. Sri Ram Sena, saying the NCW will be taking up the case suo motto. Nirmala Venkatesh, Member NCW said that the National Commission for Women will take up the issue and make sure that the girls get justice. Around 40 people, on Saturday, reportedly barged into a pub on Balmatta Road and viciously attacked girls who were at the pub. At least two girls have been hospitalized and are being treated. Reacting angrily to this horrifying incident, Women's Rights activist Madhu Kishwar said that the attackers have good political links and are a part of extortionist gang. She went on to add, "The attack is an attempt to spread terror amongst restaurant owners in the city. They cannot just keep expressing their anger over Americanized lifestyle in this manner." Ranjana Kumar, another Women's Rights activist condemned the attack and strongly said that the men involved in this attack should be charged for assaulting women. She said, "This is an outrageous and a horrible incident. No one has the right to infringe on other's freedom. Such kind of acts is absolutely unacceptable. Those responsible should be immediately arrested and strict action should be taken against them." Because these kinds of attackers are let free, such attacks continue all across the country. I don't think these people had any business to get involved in others lives, added the activist. Take stringent action on those who assaulted pub customers. The assault on customers of a pub by the Ram Sena activists was an act of "inhuman behaviour" and stringent action should be initiated against the culprits, senior Congress leader M Veerappa Moily said. "It should be condemned by all and the culprits should be punished with stringent action", Moily told. People who take law into their own hands should be dealt with severely, he said, adding, it is the duty of police to look into "illegal activities". On Saturday evening at around 4 pm, two people approached the front desk of the pub and requested permission to enter the premises. They said that they wanted to see what was going on inside. Soon, nearly 40 people barged into the pub and targeted a group of five girls, who had placed a lunch order. Subsequently, another group attacked three other girls in the pub. According to one staff member, some of the assailants molested the girl customers. Some of the staff members and the men, who were accompanying the women, were assaulted when they came to the rescue of the girls. Claiming responsibility for the attack, state deputy convenor of the Sene Prasad Attavar said that it was a spontaneous reaction against women, who flouted traditional Indian norms of decency. He said these girls were Hindus who dared to get close to Muslim men. The reports suggested that Sri Ram Sena and the Bajarang Dal have also separately claimed the responsibility for the attack.