Miss Marianne Gravatte: Magnificent [18+]

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[PLEASE READ] An inspired video of goodwill exploring the exquisite work of one of Playboy's BEST Playmates of the Year. TURN IT UP!

For Marianne, with "more than a feeling." Every best wish to the Hefners and to all the individuals who empower Playboy as employees and who cheer for the organization as friends and fans.

**IMPORTANT: This is one of a select few Playboy-related videos to be uploaded--with discrimination and care--by this channel. It was NOT uploaded as a dare; it is an earnest, conscientious contribution of great personal enthusiasm and goodwill. If you like this video, I am pleased; if not, I encourage you to find others on my list more to your taste.

**TIME CAPSULE STATS for the woman: Marianne Gravatte
--Born 12/13/59, in Hollywood, California.
--Bust: 34 Waist: 21 Hips: 32 (October 1982)
--Playboy's Playmate of the Month (October 1982)
--Playboy's Playmate of the Year, 1983
--(October 1982) 1] an MG ambition: "to continue modeling as long as possible, then get married and start a family." 2] MG turn-offs included: "crowds, traffic, and rude people."

**HONOR ROLL of some significantly supportive professionals:
--Hugh M. Hefner, distinguished Playboy founder, "chief justice," and "final word."
--the late Richard Fegley, accomplished Playboy photographer who lent his superlative artistry to so many of Marianne's pix.
--Marilyn Grabowski, former Playboy West Coast Photo Editor, a woman of discriminating and demanding judgment.
--All Playboy Video producers and directors.
--Unknown Playboy hair stylists and makeup artists who always seem to know how to enhance greatness.

This video deserves to live. Liken it to a lever cracking slightly ajar the lid of a locked treasure chest. Mere glimpses of the riches within will inspire beholders with desires for full views. These desires can best be gratified by referring to the jeweler of these riches—Playboy Enterprises International—for the keys. One key certain to unlock the complete Playboy photographic "Gravatte" files is a paid subscription to the Playboy Cyber Club. [http://cyber.playboy.com/] This will reward the subscriber and profit the company. (I encourage this wholeheartedly.) Although three main keys were cut for "Gravatte" video files, they have accumulated too much rust to be availing—as a result, Marianne's full appearance in the "Second Playmate Review" (1984) and a reprise, in part, of that footage in "Playboy Playmates of the Year: The 80's" (1989), and "21 Playmates, Volume 2" (1997) remain locked out. The first two titles have been inaccessibly vaulted for nearly two decades. The latter title, on DVD, has been long out-of-print. View this YouTube video. I am sure you will agree that it is not a graceless pillage of Playboy property, but, rather, a multidimensional glorification of the same—a ten-minute incentive to others to explore and rediscover a superlative entry from Playboy's past.

This video also deserves to live because it abides by YouTube's Community Guidelines in two relevant and decisive respects:
•Nudity. I have scrupulously and artfully edited to ensure that "areas typically covered by a bathing suit or underwear" are never—not even for a single frame—fully and clearly revealed. THAT was a point of honor for me. Exposure? Yes. "Indecent"? No.
•Suggestive sexual themes. My theme is a sound-and-vision celebration of a woman's beauty. I present this theme progressively in contexts that are thoughtful and eloquent, clever and fun, sexy and exciting. This video is NOT a wanton or flagrant work of "smuggled-in" or provocative "nastiness"—neither in style nor substance; neither in the intentions which inspired it nor in the results achieved. Although its appeal is adult, it is suitable for any viewer who can appreciate the attraction and splendor of a beautiful woman and unique individual.

IMPORTANT: Questions or comments are sincerely welcome—but only if they are nice, clean, and comprehendible. If you are a professional and prefer that I delete this video, please contact me and it will promptly be done.

Thanks for viewing!

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